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Android Newbie, couple PXL questions please..

Hi all, recent convert BACK to Android after a 3 year hiatus with iOS. Have the Pixel 2 XL, love it. Android 8.0. I've been searching various forums and Google for a couple days now and can't find a definite answer on some items. Hoping the experts here could please help me out?

1. Display contacts. I have two separate areas or ways to access my contacts, one through the phone icon on the front and the other from the contacts app built in. When I view the contacts list via the phone icon, it has contacts from Google and my work Exchange account all mixed in. Some of them are just email addresses with no phone number or actual contact. Is there a way to only show Google contacts in this list?

2. Loud Beep when ending call. There is a loud beep sound when ending a call, is there a way to disable or at least turn the volume down on that?

3. Sync contact pictures with Facebook. I am not able to get contact pictures to sync from Facebook or Messenger, leaving the majority of my contacts to only display an initial in a colored circle for their photo. Is there a way to resolve this?


#1 DST75, Dec 7, 2017
For #1 I would say yes but unfortunately I can't help you do it. For #2 yes. It's somewhere in Sounds/Notifications settings. For #3 No idea. My sweetie forced Facebook on me.
#2 dontpanicbobby, Dec 7, 2017
1) No, the stock Phone app doesn't let you choose which contacts should be displayed. I think it takes the approach of offering up all of your contacts and allowing you to use the search bar up top to find the right one. I can understand how that may not be ideal for your personal preference, so feel free to use the Menu > Help & feedback > Send feedback option within the Phone app to let Google know.

2) Do you by chance use Snapchat? I've seen some reports that removing the Phone permission from the Snapchat app might resolve this.

3) I don't use Facebook so I'm afraid I'm zero help there.
#3 codesplice, Dec 7, 2017
No, I don't use or have Snapchat installed...

As for the contact pictures sync issue with Facebook, I am not stuck on using Facebook to sync the profile pictures, I just want to have them show up on the phone from SOMEWHERE. What do other people do, just have the initial with the colored circle or do folks have photos for all of their contacts synced somehow via an app?
#4 DST75, Dec 7, 2017
Me neither.
#5 dontpanicbobby, Dec 7, 2017
I used to sync my contacts (and profile pictures) from Google+, but they removed that capability from the G+ app a year or so ago. :(

If you manually add profile images then that will at least be stored with the contacts for all time. It's just annoying that there's not a way to automate that.
#6 codesplice, Dec 7, 2017
I've read that it could be any app that asks for phone permission. Snapchat was one example, but it could be any app that ask for it.

So go to settings/apps, and go through your installed apps and look into their permission if you see one that's asking for phone permission, just disable it.

As for your first question, is there really no setting in the app to choose display contacts and to not display contacts that don't have phone numbers?

That's a normal setting on my s5 and most phones that I've seen. Iirc this setting even existed in flip phones!!
#7 A bochur, Dec 7, 2017
Yeah, Google's vision for Android is quite a bit different from Samsung's. In fact, that option used to be present on Google phones too. Not sure why they moved away from it. :(
#8 codesplice, Dec 8, 2017
The phone/contacts apps do have fewer options than I'm used to (coming from HTC, but even the AOSP version had more). There is a workaround for showing contacts selectively in the Contacts app: create a "tag" and assign it to all contacts you wish to show, then clicking on that in the hamburger menu will show just those contacts. Doesn't seem to be anything for the phone app though.
#9 Hadron, Dec 8, 2017