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General Anyone know what "CL Deliver" means on the Verizon Online Bill?

Hey all,

I just logged into my Verizon Online bill to check if my Google Voice settings are working.

I am seeing my cell number listed for a bunch of calls with the description "CL DELIVER"

Any idea what that means?

Since my number is showing up, I think it is being billed as Mobile to Mobile minutes, which are free, so it's not a big deal. Just wondering what it means.


#1 RubberDucker, Mar 8, 2010
Call Delivery I think, maybe a call forwarding feature you accidentally have on? call customer service for details.
#2 IzelTokatl, Mar 8, 2010
I just got off the phone with Verizon.... Talked to two people. Neither one seems to know what it means.

First people in Customer Service said it meant "Call Delivered with Roaming". I told her I'm not roaming. She had nothing else to offer... I was then transferred to Tech Support since they might know more...

Tech said it meant "The call was delivered". He couldn't elaborate to what that meant...

Pretty funny and sad at the same time.

Some additional thoughts regading Google Voice...

I did add my Google Voice number to the Friends and Family list. I did NOT add the bridging line. THe bridging line never shows up on my bill. Some people say you have to add the bridging line to get FREE calls, this doesn't look to be fact.

Still no idea what CL Deliver is though.
#3 RubberDucker, Mar 8, 2010
I believe VZW had some weird glitch in their system that added CL Deliver (call delivery/forwarding) to some bills. If you were never roaming, it should correct itself soon.
#4 n1ghtwish, Mar 8, 2010
If you have the app Family Base from Verizon I noticed the person's name shows up. When I compared it to my bill it said Cl Deliver. ;)
#5 Trusty worthy, Mar 8, 2017