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Backed up photos deleted after phone update


Has anyone had their photos from the Google back up system deleted when their Samsung has updated its software over night? It's deleted all my photos from the last 5 days, during which time I was in the Galapagos so it's really upsetting to lose them. I deleted the photos from my gallery because they were backed up onto Google photos. Now they'e all gone. Can anyone offer advice? Can I restore my phone to its old settings? Would that even help? Any advice appreciated - I'm on holiday so no chance to get into a store for help.


#1 HannahM2017, Dec 4, 2017
Where did you back them up to?
#2 psionandy, Dec 4, 2017
Just my google photos app on my phone which is connected to my Google account. I checked that account on my iPad and it's the same story
#3 HannahM2017, Dec 4, 2017

Backup isn't automatically turned on though..

If you don't turn it on the photos app is just a gallery of what's already saved on your device
#4 psionandy, Dec 4, 2017
If you can log to photos via a PC, check the Bin folder on the left as they may be there.
#5 El Presidente, Dec 4, 2017
If you're sure those photos were in your Google Photos account previously, just start up the Google Photos app and in the upper left hamburger menu (three horizontal bars) tap on 'Trash'. Photos deleted within the last 60 days should still be there, move them back to restore them.
#6 svim, Dec 4, 2017
Thanks psionandy. Auto back up was turned on which is why it's so annoying and confusing.
#7 HannahM2017, Dec 4, 2017
Thanks all. Sadly the only photos in my trash are old ones I deliberately deleted myself. I always have auto back up turned on but something has gone wrong along the way - my own fault for not backing up somewhere else before deleting from my phone I guess.
#8 HannahM2017, Dec 4, 2017
While you were away in the Galapagos, if you deleted those photos from your phone before you were able to access a reliable WiFi connection that might explain why Google Photos was not able to upload all your photos to your online Google account.
#9 svim, Dec 4, 2017
Thanks Svim. No, I only deleted them after I'd had reliable wifi in a Quito hotel for several hours - that's how all my photos appeared in my Google photos folder at all, as they'd naturally just been in my phone gallery until I had wifi and they transferred across. That's why I felt sure that meant they'd been backed up - that and the fact I always have my phone set to auto back up photos whenever I have wifi. They were all there even after I'd deleted from my gallery, and then I updated the software and in the morning they'd gone.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think it's just one of those things.
#10 HannahM2017, Dec 4, 2017
I take it they were on the phones internal memory, not an SD Card? If the latter, something like recuva might be able to restore them for you.
#11 El Presidente, Dec 4, 2017