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General CarbonROM FOR LG G3s [D722ID724] [NOUGAT] [7.1.2][STABLE]

CarbonROM is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Androidcommunity and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.

Please feel free to look, build, and use our code at CarbonROM's GitHub... and at CarbonROM Gerrit

Who is too lazy to download via shortened links, I do not force him, let him try to assemble the firmware himself.

Please Do Not Mirror this files
D722: http://www.adyou.me/CtRm
D724: http://www.adyou.me/RBTN

Video how to download from the system of shortened links

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#1 vladimirs77, Aug 16, 2017 Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
link not working...
#2 drkoskr, Aug 20, 2017
Link Error 404 for d724
#3 jotha, Aug 24, 2017
Maybe it's worth trying again ?
#4 vladimirs77, Aug 26, 2017
Is not root!? Why!? How root this rom?

Sorry for my English.
#5 richardmonagas, Oct 22, 2017
Flash in TWRP this zip archive UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.82-20170528234214.zip
#6 vladimirs77, Oct 23, 2017
#7 richardmonagas, Oct 23, 2017
link not working, stucks in "Please wait..."
#8 Jose Milian, Dec 7, 2017