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Tips Disable auto replace - in smart typing spk

I have a samsung - android 6- with no settings in it (yes) .is there any apk where I can control the smart typing?


#1 Jasmin74, Dec 5, 2017 Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
You're using the Samsung keyboard and you want to disable auto correct, is that what you're asking?

What do you mean there are no settings?

Go to the 'all apps' tab on your home screen, find an app called 'settings' open it. Scroll down to language and input, in there find Samsung keyboard settings and turn off auto replace.
#2 A bochur, Dec 5, 2017
Yes I rooted the device & deleted the settings:)
Now I need to stop the auto correction ( it is called auto replace now), how?
#3 Jasmin74, Dec 5, 2017
Have you tried long pressing the mic icon and then accessing settings from there? Or is that disabled also cuz you deleted settings?
#4 A bochur, Dec 5, 2017
I can't find the mic icon in the Samsung keyboard!
#5 Jasmin74, Dec 5, 2017
Are you using the Samsung keyboard? If so look on the keyboard for a setting icon it should look the same as it looks on the mic icon. Or just long press on the buttons near the space bar, that might give you the settings option.

Did you fully delete the settings, or did you just disable the buttons that lead there? There are so many things that depend on settings, do they work? WiFi, Bluetooth, uninstalling apps, app info and more...

Out of curiosity, what do you gain in deleting settings?
#6 A bochur, Dec 5, 2017