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Force app to use s pen

Is there a way to force an app to use the S Pen? I thought it was supposed to simulate a finger, and I use a picross app that would be much easier to do with a thinner "finger".



#1 SekiTimewalker, Dec 6, 2017
what are you trying to accomplish that the pen isn't doing?

what app specifically are you referring ?

the s pen can be used as a stylus, but it may not be able to support every function on a specific app.
#2 marctronixx, Dec 6, 2017
World's biggest picross and Pokemon Go are two instances where it doesn't do anything. Can't even use as a stylus for those games. The picross one is annoying, though, because of my fat fingers. That is the one I wanted to force
#3 SekiTimewalker, Dec 6, 2017
i just installed the picross game and the stylus did not work for me.

seems the dev just needs to enable the stylus function. i have not heard of a way to force the s pen to work with apps that don't recognize the spen.
#4 marctronixx, Dec 6, 2017
Ok, thank you. I haven't had a Note since 4, so I wasn't sure if they made something like that while I was gone.
#5 SekiTimewalker, Dec 6, 2017
There is an s pen SDK the devs can incorporate into their wares so the s pen can be used. I don’t play games on the phone so i read up on it when i installed this game. There’s a few games that i trolled that dont use the s pen...
#6 marctronixx, Dec 7, 2017
Imagine Words with Friends with the pen.
#7 dontpanicbobby, Dec 7, 2017