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Good Stand Alone Ad Blocker App to Use?

So what's a good standalone ad blocking app that I could be using for my browser? I'm using the Dolphin browser which I really like, but after the most recent update the ad blocking software stopped working (probably a bug that got sent out with the update). I'm not the only one as this is a major gripe over in the Play Store on their app right now.

I've been looking at other browsers, I really like Samsung Internet Browser, Opera and the Edge browser from Microsoft. But for example with the Samsung browser you have to load an ad blocking app as a companion app so I figured why not just load a stand alone as a companion to Dolphin instead? I know some of you may have chimed in in a previous thread I began about which browser to use to replace Dolphin - as among other things it data mines, but show me a browser that doesn't datamine?


#1 kblanco, Dec 2, 2017
I suspect the update was to try and thwart ad-blocking may have actually been intentional, and not a bug. Advertising and data mining is how Bei Jing Bai Na Xin Xi Ji Shu You Xian Gong Si makes money from its "free" Dolphin browser.

I'm sure many browsers do data mine, however I don't want my shit being phoned home to servers in Beijing and sold to whatever third-parties.

Have a look at Naked Browser, it's small, fast, doesn't contain ads, and promises not to data mine and/or spy,
#2 mikedt, Dec 2, 2017 Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
As i think , it is difficult to block ads. no one or tools can do it ,they come up again and again .
#3 Hoomker, Dec 2, 2017

This has served me well on unrooted devices. :)
#4 El Presidente, Dec 2, 2017
use adblock reborn app
which needs root+xposed installed
it block ads well in the browser as well as in app
#5 kirankvb, Dec 2, 2017
Plenty of options with root.

Without root is trickier. You could try dns66, which you can get from f-droid. Doesn't block everything, but stops a lot (system-wide rather than just as a browser add-on).
#6 Hadron, Dec 2, 2017
Okay thanks, I'll have to look into it...
#7 kblanco, Dec 3, 2017
Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm curious what you might have to say about this browser - it's called Speed, https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-speed-browser-lightweight-elegant-t2923519

I found this browser over at XDA while researching alternative browsers and what the comment posters there had to say about them. This one sounds pretty good, however it appears as if the developer has since abandoned it. Not terribly worried about an app no longer being updated (yes I do understand the risks involved) but Dolphin which I'm using now ever hardly see's an update (until they broke the ad blocker that is...). It appears to be from the same folks that make Lighting browser also available on the Play Store, so please feel free to comment on that as well...
#8 kblanco, Dec 3, 2017
Thanks for the information. I took a look at Naked Browser, wasn't really to won over by it. I initially only took a look at it for a few minutes while I was between errands and didn't really like the look of it or how it ran. If there was a way to theme it then I might be more interested. Did notice how small in size it was, so that's something...
#9 kblanco, Dec 3, 2017
OK... here's a different way of solving the problem... and I'll admit its cheating (as it will only work on your wifi.... and you'll need a raspberry PI to do it.

But on the other hand, no Apps/root required... and if you make the setting on your router it will work with all of your devices on your home wifi network.

#10 psionandy, Dec 3, 2017
AdBlock Plus and AdBlock reborn are the good apps to block ads...
#11 wenso martin, Dec 6, 2017