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[GUIDE] How to Disable Boost Data Throttle - *Confirmed Works

Boost recently announced if plans on throttling data down to 256k after a 2.5GB capped is reached...

Note - I used ES File explorer rather than Root Explorer

1. Root your phone

2. Perform a nandroid backup if possible

3. Download ES File Explorer from the Play store

4. Open ESFE and go to settings -> Other Settings -> Root Settings. Check all four boxes.


Tips - Once inside ESFE press the up button until you are at / . Then find the throttle folder. After saving a backup of this folder just in case, select it then press the menu hard button. Choose Operations and scroll down to Properties. Where is says Permissions, hit the change button. Then in the top row uncheck the write box and hit ok.

Final Step - change your 4G and 3G settings too,



#1 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
I have done it on both the prevail and on this phone, didn't notice any real difference, but at least it didn't break data. I posted about this long ago

#2 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
maybe bc supposedly Boost was not throttling data at that point in time? the throttling is not supposed to happen until January of 2013.
#3 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
Actually Data speeds have been throttled down some for quite a while. I have done tests with a friend who had a regular Sprint post paid account and his data was always faster. It wasn't a crushing throttle like they have announced recently, but still..
#4 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
not sure if you can test like that. there are too many variables to isolate. i.e. weather, location of user, PRL of user, distance from tower, which towers you are on, ROM settings, apps installed, etc.
#5 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
Same model phone same rom and we were sitting right next to each other
#6 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
were you on same PRL? I hear the Sprint Business Plan PRL is super duper fast.
#7 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
the PRL is the preferred roaming list which is the list of towers that the phone connects to. Now he wasn't on a corporate account so wasn't on a business IP
#8 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
not sure what that means, manually changing PRLs is a lil above my skill set. but I know a lot Boost people manually change their PRL to the Sprint business plan PRL bc it's faster, and Boost users dont have corp accounts or business IPs.

If you werent positive you were on the same PRL as your friend you could have been drawing from different towers which would affect data transfer speeds.
#9 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
Boost PRL's do differ from Sprint ones. As a regular Sprint customer can roam onto towers a boost phone can't. I can also imagine Spring giving a higher priority to their own post paid accounts first.
#10 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
In my area it is easy to know we are on the same tower. There aren't a lot of them here (damn county is tower unfriendly).
#11 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
Changing PRL does help in a lot of cases. It is also a way to get a sprint contract killed by setting up your phone to use data from a roaming agreement tower (Sprint has to pay the other company for the use of those towers, so they don't like it when you pull a huge amount of data from them).
#12 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
Totally agree with you on that! I wish I knew how to change PRLs manually. I know it involves heavy terminal use. I hate that stuff lol.
#13 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
yeah a little quality time with cdma workshop lol
#14 Codegerm, Dec 19, 2012
yeah thats totally out of my league. I wish there was an app with a simple GUI to change PRLs or at least a very very easy how to guide made for complete CDMA newbs...
#15 dhabell, Dec 19, 2012
Wow I've never heard of this changing ur prl to get different performance. Lol I don't even know what prl is. Anymore info on this, or if someone wants to start a comprehensive thread on the subject would be awesomeee.
#16 greg schmeg, Dec 20, 2012
idk enough about it. try searching on the Prevail forum. lots of PRL stuff there, including guides.
#17 dhabell, Dec 20, 2012
The PRL is the Preferred Roaming List which is basically the list of towers the phone connects to. If your PRL is a year old and a new tower for Sprint just went up in your area, your phone might not knot to connect to it. the phone has the ability to check for a new PRL. Now Actual Sprint customers do have a different PRL as they do get covered by roaming agreement Sprint has with other carriers, but they have to pay for traffic on those towers so needless to say they don't like it when you use a ton of data on them. Sprint will also give a higher priority to their post paid accounts, and the difference in PRL most likely is a part of how they do that. Changing ones PRL is not as easy as rooting or installing a ROM. Also changing your PRL doesn't always help if you live in an area that has few towers for instance (*grumble* damn tower unfriendly county)...

#18 Codegerm, Dec 20, 2012
Nice. Always full of info codegerm. Have u messed with urs?
#19 greg schmeg, Dec 22, 2012
Regarding the original post of this thread, mhannah3333 used this method and has not not been throttled even after 7GB of data use. it appears to work.
#20 dhabell, Jan 24, 2013
It would be nice if that holds. We will find out as time goes on. Right now I am on WiFi most of the time so it is hard to get past the 2.5gig in a month, but next trip I take I'll try streaming a movie or three lol..
#21 Codegerm, Jan 24, 2013
The heavy terminal use could be easily cut down if somebody writes a script that can me used in a script manager app with root access
#22 Warlord698, Jan 24, 2013
Just did this..any one can confirm it stops the 2.5gig throotle?
#23 shezzy, Jun 3, 2013
So far, it looks like it only affects 4g traffic, 3g is still throttled on my phone (after a recent flash 4g was sluggish until I did the steps here)

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#24 Warlord698, Jun 15, 2013
I would be interested in knowing since I havent had any luck on my thread yet. I didnt use ES but just root manager pro and there werent two files in there, just one and following the steps just bumped my data all together
#25 SParker40, Jul 13, 2013
In root directory, searched for throttle folder. Did boost rename it, or where is it? What's the name of the folder? Also do I need to wait until my next data cycle so it's not capped? I tried going into ##data# and turning off 4g then back on and updating profile. I thought that worked but it didn't.
#70 Chief0x, Jan 18, 2018