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Support How to get data from broken-screen glass LG G3

I have LG G3 with broken screen glass. But the lcd screen actually can display stuff - just cant tap.

I have all the contacts (i know...) and other stuff on this phone which i would like to get out and transfer to Samsung phone.

I didnt have Google sync enabled.
Phone is not rooted.

Please advice.


#1 Antakar, Dec 30, 2015
This may help?
I realize your screen is not dead, but that still may help as you can navigate the phone via that method. :)
#2 Mikestony, Dec 30, 2015
Thank you for very helpful post! :)
#3 Antakar, Jan 5, 2016
No problem! Let us know if it works!! :)
#4 Mikestony, Jan 5, 2016