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how to install a larger ssd in the chromebook

i would like to install a 120 or 250 gb ssd drive in mu cb. outside ot the frame being too large can this be done? and how to get the boot system on the new drive? also if i can do it, can i first copy the current drive on the new drive and then install the boot system? or can i install the boot system by connecting the larger drive to the usb port and tha after that install the new drive and connect the old drive to the usb and copy all my files to the larger drive thru the usb port?

i think i found the app to format the new drive tell me if this is t? chrome://imageburner/
i put in a thumb drive and it said i had the image on the thumb drive and when i needed to burn the new ssd to put the thumb back in and follow the prompts. is this correct? if you say i can install a larger ssd then i can proceeded. thanks

thanks bp.


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