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Support No call history more than 3 logs, No Call record feature.

Hi All,
I am using moto g5s plus,
In motog5plus there are many features are missing compare to other devices.

1. No call log history more than last three calls. Difficult to track how many times the caller called me till date, even they don't have call duration details in recent call log.
2. No call record feature, In call you cannot select the call recorder.
Even audio recorder is missing in this device.
3. No QA scanner.
4. No intellisense while sending message it should display latest call number suggestion in message sender list.


#1 Digambar, Dec 7, 2017
QA scanner?
#2 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017
QR code scanner.
#3 Digambar, Dec 7, 2017
Oh... There's loads of those... Go and install one. I like Norton snap.

Problem solved
#4 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017
What about other issues?
Third party App for call log and Call record is difficult to operate .
It should be in build feature.

#5 Digambar, Dec 7, 2017
Call recording isn't a standard feature on phones... In fact in some parts of the world it's downright illegal. So it not being included isn't necessarily a surprise.

So that's 50 percent done. The other 2 things probably require some hands on experience with the device...
#6 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017
1. Nope, welcome to the stock Google dialer/contact app... If you want more history you will need to change to an alternative dialer/contact manager app.
2. Call Record is not a standard Android feature of AOSP, you will need a third party app
3. QR Scanner is not a standard Android feature of AOSP, you will need a third party app
4. Not sure what your getting here, but that is likely the same as above

Not sure what device you came from where you expect these features, but Moto devices are pretty much stock Android with few extras other than a handful Moto apps... most of those features, and many others, are "convenience" features added by other OEMs and are not part of the base Android operating system. Moto does this to give the user control over what features they want or don't want, and you can chose from millions of apps in the Play Store to give these things to you rather than them picking a specific feature or app and forcing you to use it because that is what they want.
#7 acejavelin, Dec 7, 2017