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General No Nougat love?

I saw this some time ago - prediction was June. We shall see.
#2 ToeJamm, Mar 15, 2017
Just gotta wait and see unfortunately....
#3 nyrmetros, Mar 16, 2017
There are several custom ROMs on Nougat...

Officially, it is still on the update list for Nougat. There is rumor of a closed beta in progress in progress at this time, but no concrete information (as their shouldn't be, participants must agree to non-disclosure), so 30-60 days away, possibly...
#5 acejavelin, Mar 17, 2017
Should be available now???
#6 nyrmetros, May 3, 2017
Haven't found any news, yet.
#7 codezer0, May 3, 2017
No... It was just a soak test, not a release.
#8 acejavelin, May 3, 2017
Oh ok I thought it was a done deal. Guess we have to wait a bit longer.
#9 nyrmetros, May 4, 2017
Rumor has it there was a problem... a big one... on a factory reset it would get to the setup wizard and when you try to accept T&C you cannot continue, it won't acknowledge you accepted it. Not with the touch screen, USB OTG mouse or keyboard, or hard keys. It makes it a virtual brick if you have a locked bootloader.

They need to fix that before a general release, so since the soak just started a week or two ago and if rumors are correct it basically failed, it will go back to development and start the process over. Not sure what that really means as of now though.
#10 acejavelin, May 4, 2017
Oh jeez! You'd think there has been enough time for this update to have been perfected!
#11 nyrmetros, May 8, 2017
I think the biggest offender is the fact that they couldn't even make it 7.1.2, but instead it's 7.0
#12 androidlover9, May 8, 2017
Makes me wonder if I should consider another ROM. But I don't know where to begin. I guess it would need magisk root, so I can actually play Pokemon go, and Mario run.
#13 codezer0, May 8, 2017
I wouldn't bother with a custom ROM, I tried two and neither played nice with my SD card...
#14 androidlover9, May 8, 2017
I'm using TruPure X v2.9 presently. but whatever method of root it uses seems to ensure that i can't connect to Pokemon Go or allow me to even attempt to install Super Mario Run, at all. Despite the hardware easily being enough to handle either.
#15 codezer0, May 8, 2017
So another few weeks maybe?
#16 nyrmetros, May 12, 2017
#17 androidlover9, May 12, 2017
The reality is the first test release was a total bomb, FDR problems, GPS problems, BT problems, etc, and the second one is better but still has really weird issues with reboots, not booting with SD/SIM installed, and battery consumption. Or so rumor has it... :) (no, I am not in the test group, just know some people who are)

So realistically, I would guess we are looking at anywhere from mid-June to early-July at the earliest, as long as all the major bugs are ironed out quickly... We are still in the early testing phase, not even normal "soak testing" yet, that doesn't start until an update is deemed stable and usable.

This is all assuming of course that Lenovo doesn't just throw in the towel and let this device go like they did the Moto G 2015, saying now the device is compatible or something stupid like that due to all the testing problems... :/
#18 acejavelin, May 13, 2017
Maybe these bugs got fixed in Android 7.1.2 but Lenovo is too oblivious to notice?
#19 androidlover9, May 13, 2017
That's crazy that they are having so many problems with the software update.
#20 nyrmetros, May 15, 2017
Looks like Nougat is starting to finally roll out.

Also link to the OTA in this discussion link,
#21 DonB, Sep 30, 2017
Too little, too late, for me, anyway.o_O
#22 codezer0, Sep 30, 2017
Downloaded the captured update zip from link at XDA and installed it in recovery. The boot animation and jingle sucks.
#23 Jfalls63, Sep 30, 2017
I have not seen it as of yet, but I did hear the same. ;)
#24 DonB, Oct 1, 2017
I didn't understand that. Most carriers here didn't offer the MXPE. It came carrier unlocked.
A lot of the other phones seemed to have 6.01 on them. MXPE came with 6.0. It was supposed to be the most pure Android of the lot.
#25 zuben el genub, Oct 1, 2017