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General Photos taken with the Galaxy Note 8 (share yours!)

The Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung flagship to feature a dual camera setup. On the back you'll find two 12-MP camera sensors -- one wide-angle lens with an f/1.7 aperture, the other a telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom and an f/2.4 aperture. Both cameras feature optical image stabilization (OIS) for better photos in low light.

I've gone ahead and uploaded a few sample photos showing off the camera quality (for whatever reason, Samsung photos always upload sideways). Feel free to post some of your own samples too so others can see what the Galaxy Note 8 is capable of.

20170908_203001.jpg 20170908_222950.jpg 20170909_161727.jpg 20170909_165040.jpg 20170909_165922.jpg 20170909_181122.jpg 20170909_211809.jpg 20170909_213659.jpg


#1 GamerCore, Sep 15, 2017
Awesome pictures
#2 terkk1, Sep 16, 2017
Today's first shot with the note 8

Rufford Abbey. Nottinghamshire
#3 andygray5859, Sep 16, 2017 Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
Nice! Where is that?
#4 dontpanicbobby, Sep 16, 2017
I actually took these on September 11th, three days after I got the Note 8. This is the Patriots Day ceremony that our local veterans organizations host to honor our first responders and remember those lost in the line of duty. It's held on our historic courthouse square and is well-attended by the public.

The courthouse was built in the 1850s, and you can tell from the haphazard brickwork and a slight lean of the bell tower lightning rod and chimneys that it's showing its age. We have worked hard to revitalize the square, and it's worked: almost every storefront is occupied, and renovations are ongoing - one building at a time.


#5 The_Chief, Sep 16, 2017
I took the scenery picture the first day I had the phone and the other picture, I took today, using the live focus.
#6 miscue8, Sep 17, 2017
#7 miscue8, Sep 17, 2017

Rufford Abbey. Nottinghamshire
#8 andygray5859, Sep 17, 2017
Absolutely gorgeous!
#9 kokiangel, Sep 17, 2017
Hibiscus from the garden using Live Focus.
#10 kac1754, Sep 17, 2017
Taken around Bakewell today.
#11 nickcooper123, Sep 17, 2017
My Son Chilling at home
#12 ihernandezico, Sep 18, 2017
#13 mdssac, Sep 18, 2017
Now you've made me hungry mdssac. ;)
#14 dontpanicbobby, Sep 19, 2017
Snapped this with the zoom lens to try it out. I'm not much of a photographer.
#15 cberry055, Sep 19, 2017
Live focus. 'The shoe' lol
#16 mdssac, Sep 19, 2017
So, these weren't taken with the idea of getting great shots to show off the camera, and there is a little movement in some causing some loss of detail here or there.. but anyway here are a few out of what I've taken so far.

Screenshot_20170926-102124.jpg Screenshot_20170926-102247.jpg Screenshot_20170926-102307.jpg 20170926_080948.jpg Screenshot_20170925-142115.jpg 20170926_095752.jpg 20170925_152428.jpg 20170922_142234.jpg 20170924_200035.jpg 2017-9-25 13-7-21.jpg
#17 Phases, Sep 26, 2017
Took these messing around.
#18 mdssac, Sep 26, 2017
Last of 2017 harvest
#19 andygray5859, Sep 30, 2017
Most of the pics I've taken are from inside houses I've been looking at for purchase, no one wants to see those, but I took this yesterday. 20170929_143541.jpg
#20 pool_shark, Sep 30, 2017
Yesterday afternoon. #nofilter Amazing!
#21 GeekInTraining, Sep 30, 2017
Ace at the Pier, with imaginary friend.
#22 webbstuff, Oct 2, 2017
What is this blue light on ALL of my night photos??
#23 GeekInTraining, Oct 5, 2017
I love the wide angle ability of this camera.

Recent trip to the UK, I took 236 pictures
#24 eirianbryn, Oct 6, 2017
#25 GeekInTraining, Oct 6, 2017