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General Post your Pixel 2 XL Home Screen!

My home screen on the Google Pixel 2 XL is really kinda plain. Stock launcher and icons, simple layout -- nothing special. I am using a pretty sweet Live Wallpaper though. Here's the app I'm using on my home screen:
Maybe you guys have gotten more creative and wouldn't mind sharing your home screens? Feel free to post links or list off the apps you're using as well.


#1 GamerCore, Oct 25, 2017
Simple. But I like it.
#2 TMack, Nov 16, 2017
Simple but I love it just 3 main folders on my home screen of the apps I use.
#3 justincraigen, Nov 16, 2017
#4 justincraigen, Nov 16, 2017
Had my Panda for 4 days so far. Just learning the device.
#5 mwb1957, Nov 18, 2017
You will love this phone! I came from an iPhone to this phone and I am never going back! Never had problems like I did with my iPhone!
#6 justincraigen, Nov 18, 2017
I like having all within reach and not needing to alphabetical search through app drawer. Wanted my gif to show but i guess it's not working.
#7 maxvini16, Nov 20, 2017 Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
Pretty plain Jane, but I like what Google is doing, so it works for me.

#8 shalemail, Nov 20, 2017
What are those numbers for in your Sprint LTE icon?
Also how did you enable weather in your top nav bar?
#9 maxvini16, Nov 20, 2017
Weather in the upper left on nav bar is Weather Bug. Disable location and just use static locations to save battery. The widget is Fiswitch it tracks wifi and cellular connection, speed all that. It's a companion app for Fi. (Google Fi cellular service)
#10 shalemail, Nov 20, 2017
Some of you home screens are pretty cool. I've been stuck on the earth live wallpaper. Amazing
#11 momo619, Nov 23, 2017
Evie luncher + Whicons icons
#12 kostawadenfalk, Nov 23, 2017
Can someone tell me how to post pics here?
#13 teeraash, Nov 29, 2017
Nova Launcher as my base
#14 wysts43, Dec 4, 2017
This is really cool! What clock and weather widgets are you using?
#15 TMack, Dec 4, 2017
Clock is "Beautiful Widgets" (flat gray clock theme). Temp on homescreen is via "Minimalistic Text" widget. Both are what I'd consider old school apps that I have used since the early days of android. Great apps!
#16 wysts43, Dec 4, 2017
By the way, they just updated the Device Art Generator website to include our Pixel 2 XL phones, so when posting your home screens you can now add a little flare to it. Here is the link to the website:

#17 wysts43, Dec 6, 2017
You see the paperclip icon? Tap it and go from there
#18 momo619, Dec 7, 2017
I love your wallpaper! Anyway I could get it ?
#19 justincraigen, Dec 7, 2017
Simple but it works for me.
#20 smchaney65, Dec 24, 2017
Nice guys!
#21 DanDroide, Dec 26, 2017 Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
This is nova launcher with an image my daughter drew for me a few years ago. Am using 3D icon pack. The widget simulates the pixel multifunction one and is called Another Widget. I am using a dark background to highlight the poled screen and to save battery.
#22 KirsteinPowell, Jan 5, 2018
Just got mine, using Nova to get rid of the pre loaded crap
#23 mrdrh99, Jan 7, 2018
Home Screen Made Simple
#24 orindadon1, Jan 10, 2018
I'm a fan of finding the intersection of minimalism and functionality
#25 jwtblizzard, Jan 23, 2018