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Shared Apple developer account

I only develop free apps for improving the human condition, for example an app the converts intravenous infusion rates to drips/sec with a metronome feedback to reduce hospital errors and save lives.

Google's $25 one time fee is fine, but it seems criminal that I have to pay Apple $99/yr to do that since I don't make a penny and my apps don't link back to me or anything.

So ... if you want to share your account with me to benefit mankind I'll pay you whatever your time is worth so I can publish my apps to the iPhone appstore under your account. Or if you want me to pay a part of your annual fee to sweeten the pot we might be able to work something out.

PM me if this is intriguing to you and you want to talk.

- AB


#1 AmazeBurger, Dec 6, 2017
Isn't that in breach of the developer rules?
#2 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017
No, I make the code open source (we'll figure out the right license to satisfy apple). You download it, add a tweak like change the combo box to a radio button or something else. It's yours now. Publish it.
#3 AmazeBurger, Dec 7, 2017
There are other ways to do it too ... pm me. I don't want to break the rules. I'm not a rule breaker. If you have a company account, for example, make me part of your company on a contract basis.
#4 AmazeBurger, Dec 7, 2017
Sharing toothbrushes with other people is a bad idea, as is sharing your bank details with complete strangers

(and there are so many reasons why this is a bad idea as well..... )
#5 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017
Worth a read:

  • Intravenous administration error rates are currently at 69.7%. That's 2 out of every 3 someone gets an IV, nurses did something wrong.
  • "Wrong rate was the most frequent and accounted for 95 of 101 serious errors."
  • "Serious error" were defined as:
    • Incident is likely to lead to permanent reduction in bodily functioning leading to, for example, increased length of stay; surgical intervention
    • Incident is likely to lead to a major permanent loss of function
    • Incident is likely to lead to death
That's what this app will reduce, and I want it to be free, and I want to share the glory for doing so with your account. Let's figure out how to do it according to "the rules".
#6 AmazeBurger, Dec 7, 2017
and for what it's worth, I don't want access to your account. no offense intended.
#7 AmazeBurger, Dec 7, 2017
Just a friendly warning to anyone reading this... about the risks of sharing toothbrushes with strangers...

I mean its possible.. but you'd have to make sure every bristle /every line of code / library was clean and disinfected

People are free to do any of those... but you know.....

#8 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017
I don't want access to anyone's toothbrushes either. And why would I want access to bank accounts? I already told you I want the app to be free. If it would please the admins feel free to delete this thread and I'll restart another one about a partnership and I'll leave the word "share" out of it. Or maybe I won't start anothe thread. I don't want to have access to anyone's sensitive information of any kind.
#9 AmazeBurger, Dec 7, 2017
Sorry if the toothbrush analogy passed you by.... but an innocuous thing like sharing a toothbrush can cause all sorts of problems...

Sharing toothbrushes or bank accounts is risky..... sharing developer accounts is risky too.

Also.. by agreeing to 'publish' this app with a shared account , you'd be responsible for any legal liabilities... but thats not a problem, because there are no litigious people involved anywhere in the American healthcare system*

*or the healthcare system of any other country for that matter.

Maybe a better way, would be to get sponsorship from some organisation/charity to help pay your development/hosting/registration costs.

That said.. I think we're done here.

People may take you up on your offer.... and that's completely their choice (and their risk).... it was only fair to point out the potential downside, to saving a few dollars from their yearly subscription.
#10 psionandy, Dec 7, 2017 Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
Sorry if me figuratively using your "toothbrush analogy" passed by you when I said I didn't want anyone's toothbrush.

I feel frustrated and unfairly portrayed, that you repeatedly insinuate that I want someone's account access after I've repeatedly said that I don't. So this will be the 3rd and last time that I say this: I don't want any account access shared to me. Of any kind. I don't want anyone's toothbrush in any sense of the word. Don't need it. Don't want it.

To anyone thinking my code may be problematic then please take my code, inspect it. Change it any way you like. It's ridiculously simple (it's a simple app). I'll still appreciate your interest if your final decision is no.

About risk: Relatively speaking, this is low risk, but I'm an entrepreneur ("risk taker"). Saving lives ALWAYS involves taking some risk (which I've been doing for a few years now). That's what it means to be a real entrepreneur, and in my opinion, a real man, but that's just me. Incidentally, other apps ALREADY do exactly what my app does but they're not free, they do it poorly, their risk is a lot higher.

I get the concern ... I have a wife and kids and they come first for me, but they're with me on this, and I thank God that live in a country where my wife and kids will be fine if I get sued by someone because of one IV error after my app prevented 100,000's (and that's not going to happen anyway). Elon Musk feels the same way ... or there'd be no Tesla, and no SpaceX. Rober Jarvik feels that way too, thank God, as did Louis Pasteur (who risked his life to discover vaccines). This is about 100,000x less risky than what any of they did.
#11 AmazeBurger, Dec 7, 2017

I was talking about the risks of sharing an account. You said you wanted to share an account.

Sharing an account with a stranger has risks... FOR THE PERSON WHO OWNS ACCOUNT

For you the risk is minimal... and you are able to minimise your risks
The person who owns the account is the person taking all of the risk, and receives a few unexpected dollars a year from to go towards their subscription.

With all dues respect to you, and the list of random people you namedropped, this is your first interaction here...

Thankyou for agreeing with me, that part of the requirement would be to do a thoughough code audit. A hypothetical bad actor* or someone inadvertently making a mistake * could slip something in there that Apple may object to, leaving the owner of the account to pick up the damage/ban/issues.

Oh.. and of course there's the legal liabilities that you are passing on to the owner of the account. I'm sure this isn't deliberate, but is certainly a risk that you are dodging out of by getting someone elses account to publish it for you. You just get to walk away from all of them.

Again.. I'd calmly and politely suggest that a different (and better way) to solve your $99 issue(s) would be to seek sponsorship from an organisation that is likely to share your goals and benefits. Not only would this make your cashflow better, but would also provide you with social capital to get your app to the people it would make a difference with...

Again.. if anyone else wants to share ANYTHING with you, and feels the risk of doing so its completely up to them. They are the people picking up all the risk... and they are in a position to make their mind up.

*Not saying you are either of these but its possible that you might fall into either catagory
#12 psionandy, Dec 8, 2017
So.... I've just had a coffee ☕ and realise there is a better solution to this that we have both missed. That gives you exactly what you want, and doesn't pose any risk to any developers at all. Not a single toothbrush will be damaged at any part of the process.

From your postings we know the following good things about you and your aims

  • You have an app, which you want people to use for the betterment of mankind
  • You don't care about receiving any financial reward for this, or recompense for your development time.
  • You don't mind of others see or modify your code
  • Your family are completely OK with all of the above
  • The app has no requirement to link back to you at all
  • The apps are open source.
Then it's easy... Give your code away. Publish the code. Put it all up on the Internet as your gift to the world. Don't put any walls around it at all... Let anyone and his dog get to it without having to ask.

Then point developers to it.. Let them know they can use it, change it etc... As long as the app is free.

Spend your time promoting it in the open source community.

Your Goals are met, and you'll never have to deal with hurt feelings caused by someone on a forum questioning your motives...

Instead of having to push a single app... Multiple Developers will have chances to release their versions.. So it goes to more people.

Oh and feel free to share the Android app you've written here as well...
#13 psionandy, Dec 8, 2017 Last edited: Dec 8, 2017