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Since recently my Galaxy Note 4 has started showing unwanted (malware?) lock screen over my default (fingerprint) lock screen and I can't seem to get rid of it. It doesn't show ads or anything, it just pops up once in a while when I press power button to unlock phone. Screenshot of lock screen attached to the post.
I have uninstalled all newer apps I had installed leaving only apps I have been using for years. I don't see any suspicious applications in application manager, no strange processes are running as far as I can tell.
I have run out of options to try (except for factory reset I really don't want to do), so I would like to ask for your help!




#1 Skull Skull, Mar 18, 2017
Hello there and welcome!
Well, the first thing I thought of, (since I've had this in the past with different devices) is perhaps are you using a different launcher or lock screen app?
I know you said you removed the newer apps and kept the ones that work for you, but perhaps one of those reliable apps had an update recently?
#2 Mikestony, Mar 18, 2017
I am not using any lock screen apps knowingly (default Samsung's TouchWiz). Some of the old apps may have added this after an update. Would be great to know which one without deleting them all. I don't use any "cleaners" or "boosters" which usually come with this sort of stuff hidden in them...
#3 Skull Skull, Mar 18, 2017
I've recently had this lockscreen overlay plauge my phone too. After a lot of trial-and-error, I found it was likely to be Peel Smart Remote after disabling is seemed to resolve the issue

If you didn't have this app installed then I'll need to figure out what else it might be.
#4 Nerochap, Mar 18, 2017
Yes, I have this app installed. It was bundled with the phone if I recall correctly. I have disabled it (no uninstall option...) and will report back if the lock screen won't pop up in a day or two. Thanks for the suggestion!
#5 Skull Skull, Mar 18, 2017
Hi, can you disable it by going into the lockscreen wallpaper settings? Phil
#6 philayl, Mar 19, 2017
No lock screen settings show no signs of any other lock screens except for the default ones. You can't disable it there.
I have disabled Peel Smart Remote as Nerochap suggested, currently the malicious lock screen isn't showing. Ill keep watch for a while before calling it fixed.
#7 Skull Skull, Mar 19, 2017
It seems like Peel Smart Remote was the culprit. This issue is solved! Thanks everyone!
#8 Skull Skull, Mar 20, 2017
Thanks for the tip! This screensaver started putting ads on my screen, also. After reading your post, I uninstalled the peel remote and the screensaver went away!
#9 Shellzz66, Aug 15, 2017