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Webkey is down. Alternatives to remotely control Android device?

I used to use the free Webkey app to remotely control my mom's phone from my PC's web browser, in order to provide her with tech support on the other side of the USA. But Webkey ran out of money and shut down their servers. I tried TeamViewer QuickSupport but it doesn't work right for her old (Optimus S).

Are there any alternatives that would let me remotely control (drive) an Android device from a web browser, or from a program, or from another Android device?


#1 RazzMaTazz, Jan 29, 2015
Yeah, so I was immediately reminded of the old root trick to go point to point with Droid VNC server (on the phone), I used to use it a lot.

But - it requires a rooted phone.

So I did a quick look and this may be interesting -

Check out "VMLite VNC Server"


But for that price you probably want to contact the dev first and see if it's suitable. Sounds like it might be, not sure.

AirDroid is always expanding features along those lines, but not sure if powerful enough for your needs.

Hope this helps. :)
#2 EarlyMon, Jan 29, 2015
Thanks EarlyMon. My mom's phone is rooted. What's the Droid VNC server "trick" for rooted phones?

I'll look into VMLite VNC Server.

I tried Airdroid (which requires installing software on the PC/Mac too) but their new "AirMirror" remote control feature only works for Android 4.0 and up. My mom's phone is 2.3. :(
#3 RazzMaTazz, Jan 30, 2015
The trick with VNC is that it just might do exactly what you want. Four, five years ago that was considered almost like magic, it was in high demand.

Don't know if Droid VNC works beyond a lan, sorry.
#4 EarlyMon, Jan 30, 2015
I'll have to look into that. I just realized that for a LAN-only solution, I could perhaps remote-control her PC with Teamviewer and then use her PC to control her phone. It would be clunky but probably 20 times faster than using my mom as a remote controller.
#5 RazzMaTazz, Jan 30, 2015
Clever - very clever. :)
#6 EarlyMon, Jan 30, 2015
In case it helps anyone else whose phone is not supported by Teamviewer QuickSupport...

The Teamviewer-to-VNC solution works quite nicely to remotely control my mom's rooted Android 2.3 LG Optimus S phone. (It should work with any Android device.)
  1. I installed the free app "Droid VNC Server" onto my mom's phone.
  2. I installed TeamViewer ("host" version) on my mom's laptop PC and TeamViewer (full version) on my PC. (Actually, I installed these long ago so that I can provide PC tech-support to my mom whenever her PC is on.) Note: TeamViewer is free for personal use.
  3. I added the (free) "VNC Viewer for Google Chrome" extension to her (free) Google Chrome web browser. (If you don't use Google Chrome as a web browser, then apparently any of the good (free) desktop VNC viewer programs will work, like TightVNC or RealVNC's VNC Viewer Plus.)
Then as long as my mom's PC & phone are connected to the same Internet-connected WiFi router, I can remotely (over the Internet):
  1. Launch TeamViewer on my PC to control her (TeamViewer "host") PC. (I've set up her PC to automatically launch TeamViewer host at startup.)
  2. Have my mom launch Droid VNC Server on her phone. (I may just set it up to launch automatically at start-up since the Droid VNC Server seems very lightweight and access can be password-protected.)
  3. From TeamViewer, launch Google Chrome and VNC Viewer for Google Chrome on my mom's PC.
  4. Control her Android device from TeamViewer on my PC through the VNC viewer on her PC.
Mouse-based swiping is a bit finicky with VNC Viewer for Chrome, but YouTube videos show it working well for other desktop VNC viewers. However, the arrow keys on the keyboard make swiping pretty irrelevant...

Keyboard controls:
  • Arrow keys = Scroll up, down, right & left (and highlight). (Holding down scrolls fast.)
  • Enter = Selects highlighted item.
  • Esc = back.
  • Home = home.
  • Left-click = short & long press.
  • Pg up = Menu.
  • Pg down = Call
  • End = Sleep/Wake. (Note that you must also hit "End" to wake it up before swiping phone open.)
  • Typing = typing when within a text-entry field. (Otherwise typing causes search to be launched with typed letters placed into the search box.)

Thanks again to EarlyMon for pointing me in the right direction.
#7 RazzMaTazz, Jan 30, 2015 Last edited: Jan 30, 2015

I wouldn't have thought of that path - nicely done! :) :)
#8 EarlyMon, Jan 30, 2015
you could try just donating to him via the link on webkey.cc ive worked with him in the past, super reasonable guy, and ive totally gotten more than $15 wrth of value from this app.

Also the app is still working, you just have to use wifi, and port forward. direct access mode. (vs his awesome little nat/redirect/server/option .
#9 adricm, Jul 1, 2015
Isn't WebKey still alive at https://webkey.cc/ ?
#10 GalaxyMeh, Jan 10, 2017
Litemanager it is very good free alternative for remote controls
#11 Fusion Netlabel, Dec 4, 2017
Team viewer?
#12 psionandy, Dec 4, 2017