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Whatsapp send and receive issues

Hello everyone, new here to this forum.

Just over an hour ago I started having trouble with the app: 'Whatsapp'. I didn't receive any messages, nor could I send any. The classic 'clock'-icon appeared whenever I sent something, indicating that it wasn't sent.

Some info:
- Happened out of nowhere. 1 minute I was sending and receiving apps, the other minute it stopped working. Also didn't do anything weird in between
- Connection is perfectly fine (tested a lot on both wifi as mobile internet)
- Believe I had Flight mode on, which (due to a terrible battery) I've used for weeks if not months now throughout most of the day
- Tried restarting my phone, switching off my phone with a restart after waiting 30 seconds and even reinstalling the app. The latter did work for about an hour, but the problem is back now
- Newest version of Whatsapp is installed

Mobile info:
- Samsung Galaxy s6,
- About 1 and a half years old

Can anyone please help me out?


#1 problemseverywhere, May 3, 2017
Might have found the source of the problem: whatsapp itself. Thousands of reports of Whatsapp not functioning properly last few hours.
#2 problemseverywhere, May 3, 2017
#3 siddhivnyk64, Dec 4, 2017