Kat's Hacks Sony Lens unobxing

Kat's Hacks Sony Lens unobxing
Hello again and welcome to another quick unboxing session. Today it's all about my new favourite lens for my Sony A7S full frame beast: The new Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM. It's an incredible lens, although it's quite heavy. But it's solid and feels just perfect in my hand. You'll notice that in the extreme close-ups I've done this time...

As you will see I will only do a short unboxing and hands on today, but I'm definitely going to take my next video with this lens so you can see the quality with your own eyes. 

As always: Feel free to watch the uncensored version of this video on vimeo.com/katshacks or katshacks.tv

Have fun and see you soon!


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Kat's Hacks lens unboxing outtakes

You wanted them, I got them: The outtakes from the Sony lens shoot. Don't laugh!! Just sit back, relax and enjoy ;-) Find more from me on katshacks.tv and

Kats Hacks lens unboxing outtakes

You wanted them, I got them: The outtakes from the Sony lens shoot. Dont laugh!! Just sit back, relax and enjoy ;-) Find more from me on katshacks.tv and


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